Writing Clips

These are a few samples of my early work as a science writer. My work at Dana-Farber is not available online. If you are looking for a specific piece and can’t find it, feel free to contact me.

Video interview [with me] on blogging and social media tips (February 2013)

Mark Schaefer’s Grow
Case Study: Using Social Influence to Build a Personal Brand (October 2012)

Scientific American
Introducing: Erin Podolak in the SA Incubator blog (April 2012)
Helping Hatch Science Writers Since July 2011 in the SA Incubator blog (May 2012)

Benedict Arnold Bacteria Betray Their Brethren, Go On Killing Spree (Geekosystem, August 2011)
Pregnant Fossil Is First Evidence That Plesiosaurs Gave Birth To Live Young (Geekosystem, August 2011)
MIT Researchers Announce Broad Spectrum Treatment For Viral Infections (Geekosystem, August 2011)
NASA Proves Building Blocks Of DNA Come From Space (Geekosystem, August 2011)
New Monkey Adenovirus Jumps Into Humans (Geekosystem, July 2011)
Study: Parrot Parents Name Their Babies (Geekosystem, July 2011)
Fuel Of The Future? Researchers Look To Aneutronic Fusion (Geekosystem, June 2011)

Ending Cell Line Contamination By Cutting Off Researchers (BioTechniques, August 2010)
Spaceballs? Well, Buckyballs at least (BioTechniques, August 2010)
Plant Biology Blasts Off: Shuttle Missions Explore Biofuels (BioTechniques, June 2010)
Facial Expressions Quantify Pain in Lab Mice (BioTechniques, May 2010)
Nanodiamonds Are A Neuron’s Best Friend (BioTechniques, April 2010)
My Genus is Drosophila, and I’m an Alcoholic (BioTechniques, December 2009)

BioTechniques (Print Edition)
Diamonds in the rough: Rare variants scratch the surface (BioTechniques, Print Edition, October 2010)
Sequencing’s New Race (BioTechniques, Print Edition, February 2010)

Lehigh University’s The Brown & White
Study Will Test How Liquid Metal Stores Energy (The Brown & White, October 2008)

Planting Pipelines in National Parks: The West-wide Energy Corridor Project and the Future of Public Lands in the West (Terrain.org, Issue No. 22 Understory/Overgrowth, Summer/Fall 2008)